Australia 2019, feature film, DCP, color, 117'
Shannon Murphy
Distributor X Verleih |

To outsiders, they appear to be a well-off, bourgeois-liberal family. Henry is a psychiatrist, his wife Anna a laid-back creative type with a tendency towards depression. They satisfy each other sexually, he supplies her with antidepressants, and they give their daughter Milla, 15, entirely free rein. When Milla falls madly in love with scruffy, unconventional small-time drug dealer Moses, she seizes on the opportunity to rouse her parents from their indifference. Their first encounters at the dinner table are screamingly funny, but then Milla falls seriously ill with cancer. What unfolds then is not a classic survival story or death drama, neither is this a tear-jerker about a teenager battling cancer. Instead, Shannon Murphy delivers an episodic tale that celebrates life and explores each family member's struggle to come to terms with a potentially disastrous ending. Of course they fail, yet Murphy depicts this showing great empathy with her characters. The screenplay for Babyteeth is based on Rita Kalnejais' eponymous stage play.

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