Neo Citizens (NeostaatsbürgerInnen)

Austria 2006, Documentary, 15' | Director, Realization Petja Dimitrova

Every year, the City Council of Vienna holds a reception for the new citizens of Vienna. Migrants and city officials together celebrate the completion of naturalisation formalities in the City Hall. However, in 2006, a new Foreigners Act was passed laying down much tougher conditions on newcomers as to the right of abode in Austria and the acquisition of Austrian citizenship.
What does the new nationality mean for migrants and what potential do they, on the basis of their newly gained rights, have to change Austria?


PETJA DIMITROVA comes from Bulgaria and has lived in Vienna since 1994. She works with diverse media on topics that reflect current socio-political issues. Dimitrova is the president of IG bildende Kunst, an artists association, sits on the editorial board of Cultural Fissures: Journal of Radical Democratic Cultural Politics and she works as a cultural research assistant at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Petja Dimitrova
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Around the Balkans