Next Door (Nebenan)

Germany 2009, 22' | Director, Screenplay, Editor, Production Louise Brinkmann | DoP Fee Scherer | Sound Michael Krüger | Music Michael Krüger, Schné, Henrike Krügener | Cast Henrike Krügener, Agnes Bethge, Grete Melzer, Sinha Gierke

Everyone in this all-girl commune has their own little secret, about which the others know nothing. Sara loves Jule, who is together with Maike. Sara thinks that it is time for Jule to talk with Maike, otherwise she will move out. Maike was away for the weekend and now has her own secrets. She reveals them to Coco, the fourth one in the bunch. Coco fears that it will lead to problems in the commune and encourages Maike to clarify her own feelings first before she does something wrong. She on the other hand knows what - and whom - she wants. But she also does not quite manage to come out with it. Which of the four flatmates is brave enough to say the truth and stand by their emotions, is revealed only during the night.


LOUISE BRINKMANN, born in 1985, has been making short films since she was at school. After A-levels she studied sound and vision media design, followed by various courses at the Filmwerkstatt Münster and the Filmhaus Bielefeld. After jobs for a television production, for the Teddy Award and as an editing assistant, she now works at ARRI Schwarzfilm.

Luise Brinkmann
Short Film
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