IWFF revisited

OH! die vier Jahreszeiten (D: Ute Aurand, Ulrike Pfeiffer)
IWFF revisited delves into the Festival's archive. A selection of films from the 1980s reveals the premises behind the founding of the Festival. In its early years the Festival was marked by formative convictions and ideas. What types were they? What was to be shown? Why? And who was supposed to see it all?

curated by Kat Lawinia Gorska

Fatale Femme
FRG 1985, 9’, D: Claudia Schillinger

Alle Tage wieder – Let Them Swing
FRG 1974, 21’, D: Margaret Raspé

Im Ernstfall nicht verfügbar
FRG 1983, 14’, D: Monika Funke-Stern

OH! die vier Jahreszeiten
FRG 1987/88, 20’, D: Ute Aurand, Ulrike Pfeiffer

AT 1973, 10’, D: Valie Export

Stern des Méliès
FRG 1982, 12’, D: Dore O.

Der Untergang der Titania
AT 1985, 4’, D: Mara Mattuschka