Hyvä meininki

Finland 2009, Animation, 8' | Director, Screenplay, Production Niina Suominen | DoP Jari Uusitalo, Niina Suominen | Sound Jani Lehto | Distribution AV-arkki

»For me the property of the material itself is important, the structure and changeability of surfaces. I am interested in organic material and I have tried to use it in its natural form. I did not want to impart any characteristics onto the material – that should be left to the spectator.«
Niina Suominen

Everyday an unimaginable amount of food is thrown away because it is considered to be unfit for human consumption. This forms the raw material of this film, the contents of which came entirely from waste bins. Hyvä meininki is an animation film about food that is declared as being rubbish.

NIINA SUOMINEN (born in Masku 1973) graduated from the Arts Academy at Turku in 2004. She has also trained as a blacksmith, animal nurse and a forest worker. She works as a film director and media artist using traditional animation techniques requiring hand-work. She is fascinated by organic materials, textures and creatures of nature. In her works she often explores production of movement in relation to different characters of various everyday objects. Her works have been shown widely at festivals both in Finland and abroad.


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Niina Suominen
Animation, Short Film
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