Humoresque (Humoresca)

Romania 2007, Documentary, 16' | Director, Screenplay, Production Diana Deleanu | DoP Petre Constantinescu | Editor Cosmin Bunea | Music Antonin Dvorak

Maria is the oldest woman in the village. She never went to school and cannot read nor write. But she knows how to work. Hoe has always been her friend. They still live happily: she's 94 and he's 79.

After a life full of toil, then, Maria is ready to pass away - but does not have the two million lei (about 50 Euros) to pay for a funeral. She finds a solution: a state grant aimed at young couples planning a family.

Playful like Dvořák's music of the same name, Humoresca uses snapshots and silent-movie-style subtitles based on Romanian proverbs. The film shortcuts through the life of a hard-working woman who finally marries ... for love, and a bit of money.


DIANA DELEANU studied journalism and public relations. Since 1992, she has worked as director, producer and screenwriter at Etalon Television, Bucharest. Her films have been shown at numerous international festivals and have won various prizes.

Diana Deleanu
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Around the Balkans