Women Film Directors' Guide

The print version of the Regisseurinnen-Guide ("Women Film Directors' Guide") was first published in 2004 by the Dortmund International Women's Film Festival, initially to give an overview of the female film directors working in the film & TV sector in Germany. Its focus is fairly comprehensive: feature films, documentations and experimentals as well as fictional TV movies and series. However, that large field of TV reportage and specials has had to be left out for the interim.

In addition to the filmographies, the Guide also includes background information as to the directors' training, CVs, awards they may have won and their contact details. It is worth noting that the information given in the Guide is mainly supplied by the individual directors. As a book, it can be ordered via this website.

In a second phase, we have developed the Women Film Directors Guide as an online portal — www.regisseurinnenguide.de.

The website is interactive and gives the film-makers the opportunity to maintain and update their own data. They are provided with a variety of tools for presenting themselves on the Internet and using it as a platform to promote their career. The online version thus enables an ongoing updating process with regard to completely new entries (the year's new graduates from film colleges and academies, for example) and with regard to new films, prizes, festival participation and/or change of address.

Both the Women Film Directors Guide and the Women Film Directors Online Guide are supported by funding from the North Rhine-Westphalia State Ministry of Urban Development & Housing, Culture & Sport as well as the German Federal Ministry of Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.