Hezurbeltzak, una fosa común

Spain 2007, Animation, 4' | Director, Screenplay, DoP Izibene Oñederra | Sound Xabier Erkizia | Production Pello Gutiérrez | Distribution Euskadiko Filmategia/Filmoteca Vasca

The Basque word »hezurbeltzak« is used to describe invisible groups of people on the margins of society. Its literal translation would be »black bones«.


Izibene Oñederra comes from the Basque Country. At university, she majored in art and animation film with a thesis on the role of anti-heroes and how they are represented by contemporary art. Her work is regularly exhibited at the epelde&mardaras art galery in Bilbao.

Izibene Oñederra
Animation, Short Film
Focus: Now What