Harat - A Journey Diary

France/Iran 2007, Documentary, 85' | Director, Screenplay, Sound Sepideh Farsi | DoP Sepideh Farsi, Darya Djavahery-Farsi | Editor Sepideh Farsi, Maria Jimenez

Sepideh, a film-maker, and Darya, her daughter, set off from Paris headed for Iran. From there, now accompanied by the grandfather, they travel on to Afghanistan ? a country the great-grandfather once left to settle in Iran; a country none of them have ever been to before.

Together, the three discover their ancestral homeland. As they journey through the countryside and meet up with distant relatives, a collective memory begins to emerge.

In the process, the director films her daughter and her father and, vice versa, she is filmed by her daughter. The perspectives mingle. Harat - A Journey Diary is not just a traveller's log but also a family album that slowly unfolds before our eyes.


Sepideh Farsi was born 1965 in Tehran and moved to Paris in 1984 to study mathematics. However, she soon turned to the visual arts, initially experimenting in photography before making her first short films. From her first documentary onwards - Le monde est ma maison - a main theme is identity. Her documentary Homi D. Sethna, Film-maker, the portrait of old Indian film-maker, has received several awards. In her poetic film Le voyage de Maryam, Sepideh Farsi moves into a genre pitched somewhere between documentation and fiction and so develops an own style that reflects her multicultural roots. She is currently working on a feature film entitled The House Under The Water (a German-Dutch-French-Iranian coproduction).

Sepideh Farsi
France, Iran