Afro-German Cinema: Sheri Hagen

At Second Glance
(DE 2013, D: Sheri Hagen), © Anita Back

Sat. 13 April, 2 pm, Kino im U
Film & discussion
At Second Glance
Feature film, DE 2011, 92', D: Sheri Hagen

Actor, author, director and producer Sheri Hagen is also an activist who campaigns for the greater visibility and participation of Afro-German artists. She is a member of this year's Feature Film Competition jury. Hagen's own feature film debut „At Second Glance” (2013) is a collective story film that tells the love stories of visually impaired people in a quiet yet poignant way. It is the first German film to have a predominantly Afro-German cast. We talk to Sheri Hagen about viewing habits and ways to bring about a lasting change.

Maxa Zoller in discussion with director Sheri Hagen.