The Films

The Beast in the Jungle (Special Mention 2019)
(D: Clara van Gool, NL/LU 2019)

Wed 10 April, 8 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
Feature film, PS/FR/DE/CO/NO/QA/AE 2017, 96', D: Annemarie Jacir

In Palestine, wajib is the tradition of personally delivering invitations to guests at one's child's wedding. Architect Shadi is not keen to leave Rome and return to his homeland. But sister Amal is getting married and father Abu Shadi will hear of nothing else. In their old Volvo, they drive all over the city distributing envelopes. An amusing road movie about life in Nazareth.

Thur 11 April, 6 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets 
The Miseducation of Cameron Post 
Feature film, USA 2017, 91', D: Desiree Akhavan

"Pray away the gay!" – What could be easier? Montana in the '90s. Cameron is an orphan who lives with ultra-conservative relatives. When they catch her having sex with her girlfriend Coley, they send her to the conversion therapy centre "God’s Promise", hoping that fundamental Christianity will bring her back on the right track. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Thur 11 April, 8.30 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya
Feature film, MK/BE/SI/HR/FR 2019, 100', D: Teona Strugar Mitevska

The Epiphany Day diving ritual is traditionally the preserve of men. But this year, Petrunya is the one who dives into the water and retrieves the wooden cross. She defiantly defends her victory. A sharp satire about a society defined by patriarchal stereotypes and fatal opportunism − with a generous dash of Balkan spirit.
With a guest appearance by Teona Strugar Mitevska.

Fri 12 April, 6 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
Los Silencios
Feature film, BR 2018, 89', D: Beatriz Seigner

Nuria (12), Fabio (9) and their mother Amparo arrive at a small island in the middle of the Amazon, on the border with Brazil, Colombia and Peru. They have fled armed conflict in Colombia, during which the children's father disappeared. But one day, he turns up at their new home. The family is tormented by the strange secret and eventually discovers the island is populated by ghosts.
With a guest appearance by Marleyda Soto (actress)

Fri 12 April, 8.30 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
The Ground Beneath My Feet
Feature film, AT 2019, 108', D: Marie Kreutzer

High-flying management consultant Lola is torn out of her fast-track, disciplined everyday life when her mentally ill sister Conny attempts suicide. Lola tries to help her, and in the process discovers just how closely related order and chaos can be. And that chaos might be an opportunity for a new beginning.
With a guest appearance by Marie Kreutzer.

Sat 13 April, 6 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
Sembra mio figlio
Feature film, IT/HR/BE 2018, 103', D: Costanza Quatriglio
Ismail escaped from Afghanistan as a child. He now runs a small tailor's shop in Italy with his brother. After years, he finally manages to contact his mother by telephone, but she doesn't recognise him anymore. After some unsettling conversations, Ismail travels to Pakistan and is confronted not only with the plight of his family but with that of his entire people, the Hazara.
With a guest appearance by Constanza Quatriglio

Sa 13.04., 9 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
Sa 13.04., 9 pm, Filmforum, Köln, Tickets
Ever After
Feature film, DE 2018, 90', D: Carolina Hellsgård

Zombies have taken over the Earth. Thanks to a protective fence, Weimar and Jena are probably the last places where there is human civilisation. When Vivi and Eva find each other again somewhere between the two cities, unprotected in the open countryside, they are forced to take up the fight against the living dead – whether they want to or not.
With a guest appearance in Dortmund by Carolina Hellsgård

Sun 14 April, 3.30 pm, Schauburg 1, Tickets
The Beast in the Jungle 
Feature film, NL 2019, 87', D: Clara van Gool

Van Gool depicts the enigmatic love story of John Marcher and May Bartram as a fascinatingly surreal dance film. John believes that an inevitable and devastating event awaits him. This idea lurks like a beast in ambush. For decades, John and May wait to see what fate has in store for him. Based on a novella by Henry James.
With a guest appearance from Claire Johnston (actor)