Mommy Is At The Hairdresser's

Canada 2007, Feature film, 99' | Director Léa Pool | DoP Daniel Jobin | Screenplay Isabelle Hébert | Editor Dominique Fortin | Sound Thierry Morlaas-Lurbe, Claude Beaugrand, Luc Boudrias | Music Laurent Eyquem | Cast Marianne Fortier, Céline Bonnier, Laurent Lucas, Gabriel Arcand, Hugo St-Onge-Paquin, Elie Dupuis

It's summer 1966 in a suburban idyll somewhere in Canada and three children »lose« their mother who suddenly leaves home for a job in London to get away from her cheating husband. Coco distracts himself with the design of a supercar. Benoît, the youngest, withdraws into his shell. And Élise finds consolation in nature and the mute Monsieur Mouche. Since the children's father is now totally out of the depth, Élise takes over at the helm and tries to reunite the family.
What these children go through is not the divorce drama that two-thirds of today's families are faced with: it's an absolutly disaster that engulfs the technicolour idyll filmed here in loving period detail. Swiss-Canadian Léa Pool has also worked a small miracle with the child actors. The film is funny, tragic, heart-rending and shamless touching - frequently all in one go.


Léa Pool grew up in Lausanne. She moved to Canada in 1975, partly to learn the film-making trade. She completed her degree in Montréal at the Université du Québec in 1978. For her black-and-white short Strass Café (1980), she wrote the screenplay as well as producing and directing. She also acted in a few films. During the 1990s, she directed several documentaries and TV productions. Her first English-language film was the teenage drama Lost and Delirious (2001). In 2004, she made the adventure film The Blue Butterfly with William Hurt. Many of her films have been successful at international film festivals.

Léa Pool, Lea Pool
Feature Film
Debut Feature Film Competition, Opening Film