Writing With Flaming Fingers

Germany 2017, 6', Experimental
Shabnam Azar
Shabnam Azar | www.khm.de



February 11, 2016: It was shortly after midnight when emergency services received a call about a car fire. We went to the site and found a car in flames and later a human body in the car. There are grounds to believe it was homicide, says Linda Pleym, spokeswoman for the Malmö police. The Iranian poet Sohrab Rahimi had been living in Sweden as a political migrant since 1986. Approximately two years after his death, the circumstances are still unclear. How can we approach the dying of a poet? How can we breathe into the fire?

Focus: About Germany

4/27, 18:00 h, Altes Pfandhaus   Ticket ("Writing With Flaming Fingers" Short Film Programme)

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Shabnam Azar
Short Film, Experimental
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