What Time is Love?

Italy/The Netherlands/The Netherlands 2017, 12', experimental Documentary
Anna Franceschini
Anna Franceschini | www.annafranceschini.net



»Jochen, turn on the reindeer, will you?« – The testing facilities at the headquarters of the TÜV inspection association in Nuremberg specialises in approving toys and products for small children. In a mixture of documentary and fiction film, Anna Franceschini’s What Time Is Love? examines the test objects she finds in this context in terms of their sculptural and symbolic value. What does it mean to have to meet the standards of society?


4/26, 16:00 h, Odeon   Ticket (+ film "outside")

4/1-30, from dusk till dawn at Britney/Schauspiel Köln, Offenbachplatz Köln (a video loop visible from the street)

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Martha Colburn
Italy/The Netherlands/The Netherlands
Short Film, Experimental, Documentary
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