Space is the Place! A Kanakfuturist Mystery

Germany 2011, 31', Short Film
Veronika Gerhard, Volkan Türeli
Veronika Gerhard |



A film and music project investigating Blaxploitation and science fiction featuring young post migrants, made by »akademie der autodidakten« in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The Berlin subway network is understood here as a space in which the imaginary is negotiated by subjects, cities and states. Along the U8 line, which magically connects the socalled social hotspots from Neukölln to Wedding, a new version of Sun Ras Space Is the Place unfolds.

Focus: About Germany

4/27, 20:30 h, Altes Pfandhaus  Ticket ("Auflösung" Short Film Programme)

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Veronika Gerhard, Volkan Türeli
Short Film
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