Minot, North Dakota

Austria 2008, Documentary, 18' | Director, Screenplay Angelika Brudniak | DoP, Editor, Producer Angelika Brudniak, Cynthia Madansky | Music Zeena Parkins

A monotonous landscape unfurls. Identical small family houses follow on from depressing trailer parks. The camera is nearly always on the move, because nobody wants to stay here. In long tracking shots it glides through the deserted high streets of Minot, North Dakota, a one horse town in Hicksville, Nowhere County. “The people here all support the war”, explains a young voice off-screen, while the camera briefly comes to rest on a sign on which is written “Support Our Troops”. 150 nuclear weapons were stationed underground during the Cold War around Minot and are still waiting to see service today. Minot, North Dakota tells about life above the nuclear weapons depot, and reports on paranoia, surveillance cameras, racism and false alarms.


Austrian filmmaker ANGELIKA BRUDNIAK lives in Vienna and New York. Her second film made together with New York media artist, graphic designer and filmmaker Cynthia Madansky – Complex 2030 – will also deal with the subject of nuclear weapons.

Angelika Brudniak
Documentary, Short Film
Focus: Freedom