Up in the Sky | Upp i det blå

Sweden 2016, 81', Feature Film
Petter Lennstrand
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»Excuse me! Where are the ponies?« – »Ponies? I have no idea!«

Pottan was supposed to be spending the holidays at a riding camp. But her busy parents mistakenly drop off their eight-year-old daughter outside a recycling centre. Fortunately, the eccentric residents eventually
decide to take her on because there’s always work to be done! While roaming around, the young girl makes an astonishing discovery: In a warehouse, her new friends are building a rocket out of junk, and
suddenly, Pottan becomes part of a secret space mission. They are all convinced that up in the sky, dreams come true: »No-one’s the last to be picked up from school, no-one is forgotten.«

School Film Programme

4/24, 09:15 h, Filmforum

Petter Lennstrand
Feature Film
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