A Red Carpet for Asta Nielsen

Denmark 2016, 54', Documentary
Eva Tind
1606 | www.1606.dk



It all begins with a coincidence: Artist and author Eva Tind discovers not only that she has moved into the house where Asta Nielsen was born but also that her mother shared both the same first name and birthday with the silent movie star. Her fascination is aroused. Tind sets out in search of the legacy left by a film diva known in her lifetime for her exceptional charisma and on-screen presence.
Asta Nielsen was the star of early European cinema, comparable with Charlie Chaplin. She appeared in more than 70 German cinema films. Her theatrical gestures, but also her talent as a comedian continue to delight audiences today. She filmed with the best directors at that time, including Urban Gad and Ernst Lubitsch, and significantly influenced the style of her films not only in front the camera but also in the editing room and as a producer. The place she carved out for herself in German film history has made her an absolute exception among her contemporaries.
During the many different phases of her research, the director brings this phenomenon to life once again. She meets people who share their knowledge and obvious affection for this fascinating film personality. Among the many interview partners who shed more light on the actor are film curators Karola Gramann and Heide Schlüpmann, founders of the Kinothek Asta Nielsen and authorities on the life and work of Asta Nielsen, who are invited to talk about the film.


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Eva Tind
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