Poor People Relax Me

Germany/Mexico 2017, 42', Documentary
Clara Winter, Miguel Ferráez
Clara Winter, Miguel Ferráez | www.clarawinter.de



Clara wakes up in Mexico and is determined to turn the aesthetic exploitation of the less privileged against that of the privileged few. Nevertheless, there’s something undeniably seductive about the Euroto- Peso exchange rate and its promise of an easier life. But while Clara’s life becomes easier, she realises her project is growing more and more complicated. Torn between self-reflection and self-mockery, her notion of the role of the artist begins to falter, and it remains unclear as to whether her characters are willing participants or unsuspecting victims ... To make things even worse, her cameraman starts to have his own opinions.

Starting off as a well-funded excuse to test working styles, Poor People Relax Me evolves into a performative documentation of gradual narrative disillusionment. Initially conceived as a cross-cultural exploration, the outcome turns out to be a series of empty investigations and open beer bottles.


4/26, 22:15 h, Odeon   Ticket (Short Film Programme)

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Clara Winter, Miguel Ferráez
Germany, Mexico
Documentary, Short Film
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