Phantom Foreign Vienna

Austria 1991/2004, 27', Experimental
Lisl Ponger
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In cafés, social centres, back rooms and religious locations, between 1991 and 1992 Lisl Ponger filmed the celebrations and gatherings of various cultures and ethnic groups present in Vienna. 10 years later, she tries to bring all this material together into some kind of order.
In her self-reflective, multi-layered montage featuring voice-over narration, Ponger succeeds in ensuring her shots retain the carnivalesque and exuberant, the fleeting and diasporic, and thus also the phantom-like figure of foreign Vienna.

Focus: About Germany

4/27, 20:30 h, Altes Pfandhaus   Ticket ("Auflösung" Short Film Programme)

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Lisl Ponger
1991, 2004
Short Film, Experimental
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