El pacto de Adriana

Chile 2017, 96', Documentary
Lissette Orozco
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When Lissette Orozco was younger, she had a favourite aunt, Adriana, who now lives in Australia. While visiting her family in Chile in 2007, Adriana is suddenly arrested and charged with working for the DINA, the secret police at the time of Pinochet’s dictatorship, and of having tortured prisoners. Adriana denies the charges. In the hope that she can prove her aunt’s innocence, Lisset makes her own inquiries and starts filming her efforts. In 2011, Adriana escapes to Australia to avoid trial, but she is soon confronted with heated protests and appeals that she be extradited to Chile. From now on, contact to Lissette is limited to Skype conversations between the continents.

But the search for the truth about her aunt’s past has wider repercussions and Lissette’s interviews with experts and eventually with former DINA colleagues take her not only far back into the history of a troubled country but also to the limits of family cohesion. Old conflicts erupt again, new divisions emerge, and the greater the pressure on Adriana, the more precarious Lisette’s double role as niece and film-maker becomes. Adriana’s Pact is a complex, candid and overwhelmingly personal film about individual and collective approaches to coping with an unbearable truth.


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Lissette Orozco
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