Monika Hauser - Ein Portrait

Germany 2016, 86', Documentary
Evi Oberkofler, Edith Eisenstecken
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»I have the privilege of having a European passport, I’ve had a good education, I am strong. I have to use these privileges to support other women who live on the dark side of life.«
Monika Hauser

In late 1992, Monika Hauser hears about mass rapes of Bosnian women during the Balkans war. It angers her, as does the repeated abuse of the victims by the media. She travels to the war zone to help, mobilizes supporters and applies for aid funds. In 1993, with the support of Bosnian psychologists and doctors, she opened the Medica Zenica women’s therapy centre in central Bosnia. Pioneering work that laid the foundation for the medica mondiale association, whose commitment was
extended over the years, first to Kosovo, then to Afghanistan and many other countries. The association’s work takes forward the principles that Monika Hauser was already addressing in medical institutions during her medical training: demanding more sensitive treatment of patients and
adopting a critical, feminist stance regarding the structural shortcomings in orthodox medicine and in crisis and development aid.
How did Monika Hauser discover the issue that has accompanied her all her life? And what is it that drives her? The portrait by directors Evi Oberkofler and Edith Eisenstecken combines insights into the day-today life of the women’s rights activist, looking back at and reflecting on the stages along her journey to date.


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Evi Oberkofler, Edith Eisenstecken
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