Mixed Messages

Germany 2017, 67', Web Series
Kanchi Wichmann
Pro-Fun Media | www.pro-fun.de



Kanchi Wichmann’s lesbian web series Mixed Messages centres around 36-year-old dyke Ren, newly arrived in Berlin from London and now navigating her way through the terrain of Berlin’s alternative queer scene. Between speed-dating and meditation courses, bondage and hammock, the neighbourhood playground and the old-architecture style shared flat-plus-kitchen, she tries to make sense of the messages and ambiguities that lesbian Berliners seem to specialize in when communicating – in other words, mixed messages. Pointed and self-ironic, the series captures recurring patterns and curious rituals that need to be figured out on this scene, in this city, in this generation.

»You see one person go through the same experience over and over again, and if it was a feature film audiences would expect there to be some sort of narrative arc where the main character learns and achieves something. But that isn’t what happens here. Ren almost always finds herself back to square one, because that’s the experience me and my friends often felt we had. So I think that fits an episodic, almost sitcom format, as it was the nature of the material. I never considered making a web series before as I consider myself to be a film-maker and wanted to make a second feature. But I felt this format suited the circular nature of the material so much more.«
Kanchi Wichmann on www.exberliner.com

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Kanchi Wichmann
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