Costa Rica/Chile/Argentina 2017, 73', Feature Film
Alexandra Latishev Salazar
Patra Spanou |



Twenty-five-year-old María José’s life seems unspectacular, monotonous even. She attends classes at university, goes to rugby training, chats with her gay friend, and maintains a distanced relationship with her parents with whom she lives. Then she meets Javier who she tries to start up a relationship with. But she fails to develop a real bond. What nobody around her has noticed is that she’s pregnant. María José withdraws more and more. Without offering audiences any psychological explanations, Alexandra Latishev’s debut feature film sensitively observes its increasingly silent protagonist from close proximity, demonstrating great sensitivity to subtle signs that give expression to her carefully concealed feelings.

»I wanted to create a character that lives in a body that does not belong to her, and because of this, what happens in her body does not affect her or even involve her, and I wanted to take this to a limit normally not crossed.«
Alexandra Latishev

International Debut Feature Film Competition

4/28, 18:00 h, Odeon   Ticket

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Alexandra Latishev Salazar
Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina
Feature Film
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