My First Wedding (Meine erste Hochzeit)

Germany 2008, Animation, 6' | Director Ralf Kukula | Screenplay Gabriele Kiefer | Animation Olaf Ulbricht, Mandy Müller, Jörg Halsema, Derek Roczen | Editor Stefan Urlaß | Music Frieder Zimmermann | Production Balance Film

A little girl is desperate to marry. "But you are only five," her mother says, and a girlfriend maintains that she cannot kiss properly so she won't get a boyfriend anyway.

A tiny animation film about kissing and its consequences.


Ralf Kukula, born in Dresden in 1962, studied free painting and graphics there. From 1981, he worked at the DEFA studio for cartoons. After the collapse of communism, he studied Animation at the Konrad Wolf Film & Television Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Kukula works as a freelance producer, author and cameraman for documentaries and animation films, and has been with Balance Film since 1999.

Ralf Kukula
Animation, Short Film
School Film