Queen of Niendorf

Germany 2017, 67', Feature Film
Joya Thome
Darling Berlin | www.darlingberlin.de



»We’re a boys’ gang, girls are not allowed! They’re always scared.«

»Somehow, they’ve all become strange this year.« The summer holidays have just begun, but this year, 10-year-old Lea won’t be going to summer camp with her friends like she usually does. She spends most of her time cycling around the village on her own and visits musician and free spirit Mark, who lives on a run-down farm. On one of her expeditions, she discovers a gang of five boys who arouse her curiosity. Girls are strictly forbidden! But Lea is persistent.

School Film Programme

4/24, 11:30 h, Filmforum

4/28, 15:00 h, Kino im U in DORTMUND

Joya Thome
Feature Film
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