Germany 2018, 83', Feature Film
Henrika Kull
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf | www.filmuniversitaet.de



Berlin, 2018. Maryam is a single working mum who has both feet firmly on the ground. Then she meets Jibril, who is serving time in prison. Dormant desires awaken and the two throw themselves into a stormy romance – which takes place mainly in their heads outside visiting hours. What kind of relationship is possible under these conditions? Where is the line between romantic illusion and blossoming love? Does love have the power to overcome the prison walls? Demonstrating great sensitivity towards her protagonists, Henrika Kull addresses these questions in her first feature film.

»Longing and physicality but also places on the fringes of society have always interested me. This is why my research took me to prison for the first time in 2011. I met inmates there and wanted to know how they get by without intimacy, what their strategies are for satisfying their longings. (...) I also started to become interested in the perspectives of the people waiting outside and in 2015, I made my documentary film Absently Present about Yasmin, who is involved with a prisoner. It seemed to me that Yasmin’s relationship occurs mainly as a projection. Love stories, of course, are always projections. But I felt this aspect was intensified here by the prison and I thought it would be interesting to show this impression in a film.«
Henrika Kull

International Debut Feature Film Competition

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Henrika Kull
Feature Film
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