Free Fall

Germany 2017, 89', Documentary
Susanne Schüle, Elena Levina
Susanne Schüle |



Brother and sister Boris and Marina Urmatov live in the beautiful but remote Altai mountain region of Siberia. They come from a family of shepherds whose farm was considered an exemplary operation in Soviet Russia. But state structures from that time fell apart long ago, unemployment is on the rise and alcoholism is rife. Marina tries to keep her family afloat by running a small bakery. Boris tends to the last of the cows. Life is arduous. One night in 2008, Boris is suddenly awoken by a loud bang. A piece of metal weighing almost one hundred kilo has fallen from the sky right next to his hut. The family lives in a drop zone for spent rocket stages from the space agency Roskosmos, which are supposed to land only in uninhabited regions. Boris and Marina demand compensation – not only for the destruction that has been caused but also for the radioactivity given off by the scrap metal. Their story becomes a minor
press sensation.

The film team visits the brother and sister, initially to document their efforts to force Roskosmos into action. But the spectacular incident is soon eclipsed by the family’s everyday trials and tribulations, their struggle to survive, lack of prospects, alcoholism and violence. Over a period of years, Free Fall has documented the tragedy of a neglected mountain region whose reality is thrown out of kilter by distant world politics.


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Susanne Schüle, Elena Levina
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