I Am a Subversive Person

Germany 2015, 5', Experimental
Shabnam Azar
Shabnam Azar | www.khm.de



Whose eyes look at the images captured by a security camera? In her video work, Azar analyses and re-enacts the claustrophobic aestheticism of ubiquitous surveillance using Google Street View recordings. The work is based on the artist’s experience of being declared a »subversive person« as a journalist and poet. Because of her involvement with the opposition, she was forced to leave her home country following the re-election of Ahmadinejad in 2009.

Focus: About Germany

4/27, 18:00 h, Altes Pfandhaus   Ticket (Writing With Flaming Fingers Short Film Programme)

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Shabnam Azar
Short Film, Experimental
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