The Heart | Hjärtat

Sweden 2018, 100', Feature Film
Fanni Metelius
m-appeal |



It’s quite obviously a good idea that photographer Mika and musician Tesfay become a couple. They’re young, good-looking, talented and different enough to be attracted to each other. First they go to bed together, then they move in together. But however promising their future seems to be, the relationship soon develops an unhealthy momentum behind the closed doors of their home. Are their approaches to life really compatible? And what about their sex?
The Heart takes a look at the trials and tribulations of its main characters from a decidedly feminine perspective. It is a disarmingly candid film about children of the digital revolution who have unlimited ways of communicating across borders but still struggle with intimacy and shame in the emotional entanglements of their relationship – and also with big expectations.

»My vision is to through my craft create a platform for discussion around how novel, especially female, storytelling and auteurship can convey a more true-to-life experience of how modern relationships and sexual contact take form and also take their toll on our minds, bodies and life choices. It’s all about a power game where the rules are being set as the world changes rapidly around us. What is love? What is true intimacy? And most importantly, what is healthy love and sex actually about?«
Fanni Metelius

International Debut Feature Film Competition

4/28, 18:15 h, Odeon   Ticket

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Fanni Metelius
Feature Film
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