The Netherlands 2017, 68', Documentary
Sophie Dros
Some Shorts |



Lisa, Anne, Dennis, Lashawn and Selm are gender benders. They don’t fit into the binary gender categories, they are »nothing and everything«, with all the contradictions that arise from this. Sophie Dros finds out how the five protagonists deal with curiosity and rejection of their environment, how they struggle for acceptance, while pursuing their goals and dreams. In an unagitated and open-hearted style, Genderblend approaches its theme and the different temperaments of his protagonists. Their testimonies and reflections are supplemented by style-conscious visual stagings that aesthetically accomplish what is still in its early stages as a social development: an open, playful and empathy-based handling of the diverse identities that exist beyond binary gender norms.

»The world exists of opposites: black or white, rich or poor, high or low educated. Man or woman. But what if you don’t fit in when it comes to your gender? What if you don’t feel like a ›man‹ or a ›woman‹? We are living in a generation where people who can’t or won’t conform to either gender poles, find it hard to navigate. The inbetweeners are also called ›gender fluids‹. But aren’t we all a little ›gender fluid‹? Or at least different enough to not be labeled the same. This film tells us the story of people who change their appearance to match their feelings on the inside. Together they tell one story. The story about all of us.«
Sophie Dros

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Sophie Dros
The Netherlands
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