Germany 2018, 80', Documentary
Tama Tobias-Macht
Real Fiction Filme, Joachim Kühn | www.realfictionfilme.de



Matze, Elvis, Peter and Sergio live »outside«, on the streets, in the woods – on the margins of a society that ignores and disdains them, in a parallel world where they struggle to survive every day. The four men offer the two directors an insight into their world; they let us look inside their plastic bags and shopping trolleys and show us personal belongings to which they are emotionally attached. These are the anchor points from which their stories unfold.

»The film does more than merely observe and listen. We weren’t just interested in presenting biographies. We wanted our protagonists to be seen in a different light for one night. That’s why their sleeping places changed for the duration of one night. We started with their belongings and stories and created a new space. The places where our protagonists seek shelter, their camp, turned into individual compositions, like stage sets or museum showcases. What we’ve heard and seen before is heightened and becomes graphic. A picture of their inner world is created.«
Tama Tobias-Macht, Johanna Sunder-Plassmann

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Tama Tobias-Macht
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