Meat Joy

USA 1964, Experimental, 6' | Director Carolee Schneemann | DoP Pierre Dominik Gaisseau | Editor Bob Giorgio | Sound Pierre Dominik Gaisseau

"Meat Joy is an erotic rite — excessive, indulgent". Carolee Schneemann The dancers of the Judson Dance Theater use sound elements to celebrate the sensual carnality of their bodies and other materials: raw fish, chickens, sausages, wet paint, plastic, ropes, pant brushes, scraps of paper. This video was converted from original film footage of three 1964 performances of Meat Joy: Its first staged performance at the Festival de la Libre Expression in Paris, at the Dennison Hall in London and at the Judson Church in New York City.


American CAROLEE SCHNEEMANN, born in 1939, is a pioneer of performance art and is one of the most important representatives of body art. With her Kinetic Theater, influenced by Antonin Artaud and Wilhelm Reich, she extended painting into space and used (her) body as material. She championed an aesthetics of desire and contributed to a positive re-evaluation of female sexuality.

Carolee Schneemann
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Freedom