Czech Republic 2006, Feature film, 77' | Director Marta Nováková | Screenplay Jan Coufal | DoP Matej Cibulka | Editor Simon Spidla | Sound Petr Kapeller | Music Dorota Barova | Cast Petra Spalkova, Jan Novotny, Vojtech Stepanek | Production Vera Hoffmannová

Some where, at some time, it's war.

Marek and his father are hiding in a forest hut out in the wilderness. The mother died a long time ago and so the two have had to rely on one another unsparingly. They live from the sale of game they have poached and, as a result, are always having to make sure that they are not discovered. The monotonous days consist of chopping wood, setting snares and hiding from the army patrols. Marek has hitherto dodged his conscription: his father would not be able to survive without him.

One day, out checking the snares, Marek finds Marta, a young soldier, trapped in one. She is seriously wounded. Torn between fear and responsibility, he carries her home to take care of to her injuries. His father, however, keeps his distance, sensing danger in her ? and not just because she belongs to a hostile military. For Marta soon arouses in Marek undreamt-of desires, sparking off problems that start to cause a rift in the symbiotic father-son relationship. But when the father rapes Marta, the break is sealed and Marek has to take a decision with far-reaching consequences.

Framed in unsettling but tranquil pictures, Marta is a cameo study, of three people who, caught up in the middle of war, also have to fight their own battles. Based on the eponymous short story by Jan Coufal, the film is a universal parable of belonging and loyalty, identity and love.


MARTA NOVÁKOVÁ was born 1975 in Czechia. She graduated from "Zlín Film School" where later she also worked as a lecturer. In 1997, she enrolled to study film direction at the "Film and TV School of the Prague Academy of Art". In 2003, she completed a guest semester at the "VGIK" film school in Moscow. Marta is her graduation piece and her first full-length feature film.

Marta Nováková, Marta Novakova
Czech Republic
Feature Film
Debut Feature Film Competition