Market Sentiments

Estonia/Austria 2007, Animation, 4' | Director, Realization Barbara Musil | Music Avo Pärt

Satellite images of landscapes. Red and yellow lines shift around to melancholy music over the green and brown of nature, to a large extent untouched, dividing them with little consideration of the existing formations. “Market Sentiments" is an economic term, referring to a certain basic mood that induces or holds back investors about to invest money in a specific sector. In Estland the investment mood is euphoric, due to liberal, free-market laws. The film Market Sentiments is based on research on the investment boom in the Estonian property market, undertaken during a residency in Tallinn. The lines are taken from actual real-estate registers of Estonian land which has been sold or is currently for sale.


BARBARA MUSIL was born in 1972 in Linz. In 1999 she completed medical studies. In 1998 she began studying Experimental Design at the Kunstuniversität Linz. She is specialising in the field of video and media art.

Barbara Musil
Austria, Estonia
Animation, Short Film
Focus: Freedom