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outside // draußen
Dir: Tama Tobias-Macht, Johanna Sunder-Plassmann, GER 2018 (c) Thekla Ehling

Panorama Feature Films

A Women Captured
Dir: Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, HU/DE 2017, 89', OV with german subtitles
For over ten years, Marish has been living with a wealthy family as a modern-day house slave. During the day, she cleans, cooks and washes. She also works in a factory, but is forced to hand over her wages. She has no money of her own. All she has are cigarettes and a sofa to sleep on. Through her encounter with the film-maker, Marish cautiously starts to question her state of dependency.
A Woman Captured was co-produced by the Cologne-based CORSO FILM. 
Q&A with Bernadett Tuza-Ritter.
Weds, 25.04., 6.30 pm, Odeon, NRW premiere, tickets

The New Children of Golzow
Dir: Simone Catharina Gaul, DE 2017, 90', OV with german subtitles
The film village of Golzow has started to run out of children. To save the primary school from imminent closure, the mayor takes on two refugee families from Syria. The new children of Golzow learn to speak German and to fish; their parents make friends at the allotments. Is this a successful integration experiment in the east German provinces?
Q&A with Simone Catharina Gaul.
Sat, 29.04., 1.30 pm, Odeon, tickets

Dir: Tama Tobias-Macht, Johanna Sunder-Plassman, DE 2018, 80', OV with eng. subtitles
How do you set up home when you live on the streets? The film portrays four homeless people in Cologne through their personal belongings. Fragments from their biographies are revealed, personal belongings are condensed into installations – they are still lifes of a creative order outside society. The directors are graduates of Cologne Academy of Media Arts (KHM), KHM professor Sophie Maintigneux was responsible for cinematography, and the film was produced by the Cologne-based unafilm.
Q&A with Tama Tobias-Macht.
Tues, 24.04., 7.30 pm, Odeon (opening ceremony), tickets
Thurs, 26.04., 11.15 am, Filmforum (School Film programme)
Thurs, 26.04., 4 pm, Odeon, tickets
Thurs, 26.04., 7.30 pm, Kino im U, Dortmund

Adriana's Pact
Dir: Lissette Orozco, CL 2017, 96', OV with german subtitles
During a family visit to Chile, Adriana, the film-maker's favourite aunt, is arrested. She allegedly worked for Pinochet's notorious secret police, the DINA. While Adriana denies all charges, her niece grabs her camera and starts to carry out her own research. It is a bold balancing act in which she tries to maintain family ties and demonstrate political responsibility.
Sat, 28.04., 6.15 pm, Filmforum, tickets

Free Fall
Dir: Susanne Schüle & Elena Levina, DE 2017, 89', OV with german subtitles
The Urmatov family finds itself in free fall. Fifty years ago, they were well-respected shepherds in the Altai Mountains. For son Boris and daughter Marina, those days are merely a memory. When radioactive space debris falls into their garden one night, the siblings decide to demand compensation.
Q&A with Elena Levina
In cooperation with oikocredit.
Sat, 28.04., 6 pm, Kino im U Dortmund
Sun, 29.04., 4 pm, Filmpalette, tickets

Nico, 1988
Dir: Susanna Nicchiarelli, IT/BE 2017, 93', OV with german subtitles
The film concentrates on the last two years in the life of the legendary actress and singer Nico (born in Cologne in 1938 as Christa Päffgen). The biopic follows the former Velvet Underground performer during concerts – which are sometimes exceptional, sometimes embarrassing – and documents her attempts to build a relationship with her suicidal son. Nico (played by Trine Dyrholm) is tough but also vulnerable; sometimes pitiful, but never pathetic. She is not likeable, but you can't help empathising with this woman who carries when others would have long given up. Susanna Nicchiarelli was the winner of our 2010 Debut Feature Film Award.
Fri, 27.04., 8 pm, Dortmund, Kino im U
Sat, 28.04., 8.30 pm Filmforum, tickets

Parallel Planes
Dir: Nicole Wegner, DE 2017, 100', OV with german subtitles
A homage to the diverse US American do-it-yourself underground music scene with its hardcore, noise, no wave and improv subgenres. Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata reflect upon the meaning of their work and the motives behind it. KHM graduate Nicole Wegner examines precarious work relationships and the issues of self-empowerment and opposition.
Followed by a concert with the Cologne band UMMN
Q&A with Nicole Wegner.
Thurs, 26.04., 8.30 pm, Altes Pfandhaus, tickets

Those Who Remain
Dir: Eliane Raheb, LB/AE 2016, 95', OV with eng. subtitles
Haykal is a Christian farmer who lives in the mountain regions of Lebanon on the Syrian border. In this politically and economically tense region, he sets up a farm and a restaurant. He is convinced it's more important than ever before to stay, and defends his existence with his own hands that are never too tired to work.
Q&A with Eliane Raheb.
Sat, 28.04., 9.30 pm, Filmpalette, tickets

The Waldheim Waltz
Dir: Ruth Beckermann, AT 2018, 93', OV with eng. subtitles
Austria 1986: The federal president Kurt Waldheim is confronted with revelations about his involvement with the National Socialists. The film shows how media discourse is shifting, as is also in evidence in Germany: historical misrepresentation, the rightward shift and anti-Semitism are not isolated phenomena. Those who examine the subject find thought-provoking impulses in Beckermann's film which point far beyond the historical case. It's a long time ago, but it's not over yet.
Fri, 27.04., 5 pm, Filmforum, tickets

Supporting films

Dir: Puck Lo, USA 2018, 15’, OV with eng. subtitles
Sun, 29.04., 1.30 pm, Odeon (before: The New Children of Golzow)

What Time Is Love
Dir: Anna Franceschini, IT/NL/DE 2017, 12', without dialogue
Thurs, 26.04., 4 pm, Odeon (before: outside)

The Film All-Nighter

Short film programme
Thurs, 26 April, 22.15 pm, Odeon, tickets

Dir: Loukia Alavanou, GR 2017, 17', OV (English)
The film investigates the consequences of using toxic pesticides in crop-growing regions inhabited by indigenous tribes. The politics of hegemonic western powers are seen as a kind of "toxic colonialism" that have implications far beyond simple environmental pollution.
Q &A with Loukia Alavanou.

House of Women
Dir: Michelle Williams Gamaker, GB 2017, 14', OV (English)
In 1946, an audition was held for the coveted film role of the mute dancer Kanchi in Black Narcissus. It was eventually offered to the white seventeen-year-old Jean Simmons. The English actress had to wear dark make-up and a jewel in her nose to embody the role of the exotic seductress. Caught between construction and illusion, the film examines discrepancies in representation which convey a controlled vision of British India.

Poor People Relax Me
Dir: Clara Winter, Miguel Ferráez, DE/MX 2017, 42', OV with eng. subtitles
A wants B, but then C happens, and then D. The main character is the film-maker herself, and what she wants is to be a good artist. But then Mexico happens. She realises she's actually quite rich in Mexico with the few euros she owns. Torn between self-reflection and self-mockery, her understanding of the role of the artist begins to falter.