Mama Superfreak

The Netherlands 2009, 13' | Director Bea de Visser | DoP Adri Schrover | Music Morton Feldman | Cast Viviane De Muynck | Production Anotherfilm

In a storeroom filled with huge tyres and white sacks, well-known Dutch actress Viviane De Muynck rants on, in a powerful voice and not without humour, about her non-existent relationship with husband and child and her escape into the alternative underground of squatters and punks, who are much more family for her than her own offspring.

Mama Superfreak is an adaptation of La Mamma Fricchettona, a monologue by Dario Fo. Thirteen minutes without an edit: the entire film is shot in a single take.


BEA DE VISSER, born in 1957, studied sculpting and painting at the Academy for Fine Arts in Breda and Rotterdam before graduating in electro-acoustic sound. She worked as a performance artist with sounds, staged live installations and noise performances. Since her time at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts Amsterdam (1993-1995), film has been her preferred medium. Here films are shown all over the world. Bea de Visser teaches at various universities and academies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Bea de Visser
The Netherlands
Short Film