Making of E - Die Freiheit nehmen wir uns

Germany 2008, Documentary, 16' | Director, Screenplay Madeleine Königs | DoP, Editor, Sound, Production Beatrice von Moreau, Madeleine Koenigs

Two filmmakers from the city set off in search of the image of woman in the countryside. A different take on emancipation: it declines instead of analyses, spells out instead of tackling the issue. Before the film, Madeleine Koenigs and Beatrice von Moreau will give a short introduction to their work and the search for the right images.


Actress and director MADELEINE KOENIGS studied Drama and Theatre at Goldsmith College in London. In 2007, she had a scholarship to the Was Ihr wollt Akademie, led by Peter Zadek and Tom Stromberg. Beatrice von Moreau attended the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna, as well as the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique in Paris. In 2004/2005 she was co-director of the Internationales Frauentheater Braunschweig [International Women’s Theatre]. Von Moreau works as a freelance actress, writer and director for the stage, screen and radio.

Madeleine Königs
Focus: Freedom