Great Britain 2016, 88‘, feature film
Alice Lowe
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Related with darkly vicious British humour by Alice Lowe as screenwriter, director and also in the main acting role, Prevenge is the story of a pregnancy in the form of a macabre, comedy splatter film. Shortly before the birth of her own child, Lowe played the part of Ruth, who is heavily pregnant and slips into a type of murder lust when her as yet unborn, misanthropic baby commands her from the womb to commit acts of atrocity. Ruth takes her brutal revenge on everyone who gets the wrong side of her now or who did so in the past.

»Pregnancy is traditionally a world in pastel. Softness, lightness, inherent kindness. And yet here I was experiencing an unexpected vividness and intensity. Inexplicable sadness. Food revulsion. Neon blissful ecstasy. (...) Annoyance. Rage! It was nothing like what I had ever seen portrayed on screen. So I created anti-heroine Ruth. A woman whose Fury has taken over. The Fates have dealt her an ill hand and she’s taking revenge. With her tiny assistant, her unborn child. Classically the goddesses of revenge are e Furies, forces sprung from their father’s blood, the castrated Uranus. It’s all a bit gory really. But then so is childbirth. I wanted to tell a story of danger and violence, what pregnancy at that time seemed to me to really represent. And this morphed into the idea of an unborn dictator baby. The ventriloquist’s puppet who whispers in her mother’s ear, telling her what to do.« Alice Lowe

Focus: IN CONTROL...of the situation

Alice Lowe
Great Britain
feature film
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