I Cannot Tell You How I Feel

USA 2016, 42’, documenntary
Su Friedrich
Su Friedrich | www.sufriedrich.com



Su Friedrich takes up her camera again in her ongoing quest to lm the battleground of family life. Her sprightly though sometimes erratic 94-year-old mother Lore – already the main character in The Ties at Bind in 1984 – plays the lead once again, this time kicking and protesting against being moved out of her Chicago home to a facility for »independent living« in New York.

Su Friedrich and her two siblings take on the supporting roles – cajoling and comforting their mother, until they eventually reach the end of their tether. Being confronted with the process of growing old is not something the 60-year-old director finds easy. Balancing out concern, a sense of responsibility and comic elements, she nevertheless succeeds in delivering a complex, humorous montage of events and a tender commentary on one of today’s biggest taboos.

Focus: IN CONTROL...of the situation

Su Friedrich
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