Der Fuchs und das Mädchen

France 2007, Feature film, 92' | Director Luc Jacquet | Screenplay Gérard Simon, Eric Dumage | Editor Sabine Emiliani | Sound Laurent Quaglio, Germain Boulay | Production Bonne Pioche, France 3 Cinéma, Canal +, Wild Bunch

Living in a farmhouse on the edge of mountain countryside, the ten-years-old Lila likes to wander through field and forest whenever possible. One day, she encounters a fox and is totally fascinated by him. But when she breaks a leg, she has to spend the winter indoors. With an animal book in hand, she dreams herself into the world of animals. Spring arrives, she meets the fox again and tries to make friends with him. And, as she gradually wins his trust, she realises that "he" is a vixen who even lets Lila play with her cubs. The girl would love to have the creature at home with her but once in Lila's room the vixen panics and jumps through the closed window.

Luc Jacquet is the maker of wildlife documentaries best known for his March of the Penguins. With Le Renard et l'Enfant (The Fox and the Girl), he has created a work that teaches us to astound again: a nature fairy-tale such as we have never seen before. A story that raises questions about humankind's relationship with nature, closeness, inclination, friendship and about the charming intertwine of "experienced" and "imagined".


Luc Jacquet was born 1967 in Bourg-en-Bresse. He has a PhD in zoology. He has made several wildlife documentaries as a film director for French TV. In 2006, with The March of the Penguins, he won an Oscar for Best Documentary. The Fox and the Girl is his first feature film.

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