En amont du fleuve | Upstream

Belgium/The Netherlands/Croatia 2016, 90‘, Feature Film
Marion Hänsel
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Homer and Joé, two taciturn men aged around fifty, sail a small boat up a river in Croatia. Until recently, neither knew of the other’s existence, but now their father has died it turns out they are half-brothers. Looking for traces of the man of who shaped their lives so differently, they encounter a third traveller, the mysterious Irishman Sean, and their tour through the wild landscape of Croatia becomes a real psychological challenge.

»Certain people find it diffcult to talk about themselves for many different reasons. My characters, Homer and Joé, halfbrothers, are such people. Homer, traumatised by an absent father who ignored his existence, Joé by the violence of this same father. e lack of words, of verbal communication interests me and can be found in a number of my lms. e silences, what is left unsaid, leaves room for the spectator’s interpretation, their personal imagination. I like that. As to the narration, I have the impression that I am digging into earth that I already know but that I want to go deeper. If Joé and Homer are half-brothers, it is not by chance. In some of my previous Films, blood-ties, filiation, the image of the father or his absence are strongly present. Upstream is part of this same lineage.« Marion Hänsel


Marion Hänsel
Belgium/The Netherlands/Croatia
Feature film
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