Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto

Germany 2016, 16', animation
Sandra Schießl
aug&ohr medien |



Mikasch lives with his family in the Warsaw ghetto. Chika the dog is his whole world. Like the other Jewish inhabitants, the small boy is required to wear the Star of David at all times. Soldiers are everywhere and food is scarce. One day, when the family is forced to hide from the Nazis, his little canine friend can’t hide with them. »Chika de nitely wouldn’t like it in here. She’d always want to get out and go running around and jumping about,« says Mikasch – but he still really misses his dog. Finally, the family can come out of hiding – and everybody celebrates. What they don’t know is that someone is waiting to see them out on the street, barking loudly ...

School Film Programme

Sandra Schießl
animation, short film
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