Philippines/Italy/Japan 2015, 75', Spielfilm
Kohki Hasei
m-appeal |



»I’ve seen adults buying children. Just because I‘m a kid, can I not buy myself a mother?«

Blanka battles her way through life as a street child in Manila. She lives in a small shack made from cardboard boxes and manages to make ends meet through pickpocketing and sharp tricks. She takes no nonsense in her dealings with the groups of lads in her neighbourhood. When the eleven-year-old sees an actress on TV with her adopted children, she hatches a plan: »If you can buy children, then I can buy myself a mother, too.« By chance, the girl meets blind street musician Peter. He recognises the beauty of Blanka’s singing voice, and they strike up as a busking duo, actually enjoying enough success to finally afford a proper bed for the night and enough to eat. But it’s not long before she slips back into life on the streets once again. Peter finds out about Blanka’s dream, and they end up having a  fight. Blanka then goes off.

School film programme

Jenny Man Wu
Feature film
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