Die Freiheit zu sein, was man ist

Germany 1993, Feature film, 95' | Director, Screenplay Erica Joan | DoP, Editor Paco Joan | Sound Jan Betke | Music Richard Wagner | Production Cordial Film GmbH, Bayerischer Rundfunk | Contact Bayerischer Rundfunk

After the second world war, Ludwig Solleder, a farmer and labourer, sees no future for himself and his family. In 1953, they emigrate from Lower Bavaria to Peru and settle in Pozuzo, a forgotten place in the rainforest founded in 1857 by people from the Rhineland, Tyrol and Bavaria. A sign at the beginning of the village bears the words: “La única colonia austro-alemana del mundo” (“the only German-Austrian colony in the world”). Then he struggles for the esteem and recognition that he did not have in his homeland. He works hard to solve urgent problems in the community. He introduces brick building in Pozuzo, builds a church, a boarding school, a school and a clinic. When a road is built that reaches Pozuzo, and with it the progress of the 20th century, the traditional community starts to change, and it seems as if his efforts for the general good has been of no use to Solleder. Disappointed, he withdraws with his wife and children to the remoteness of the rainforest.

Erica Joan
Feature Film
Focus: Freedom