USA 1970, 1' | Director Yoko Ono | DoP, Sound Yoko Ono, John Lennon | Production Jon Hendricks

In this experimental film, Yoko Ono tries for one minute to tear up her bra. Freedom is a minimalistic physical attempt to break out of women's socially prescribed role.


Yoko Ono was born in 1933 in Tokyo and lives in New York. As an artist she had a significant influence on the American and international Fluxus movement in the 60s. With “Instructions for Films” (1964 - 68) and “Film Scores” (1968) she created plot and viewing guides which were intended as a cinematic experience of perception that took place only in the mind of the reader/observer. Later she made real films, which are impressive for being so radical.
Her Film No. 4 (Bottoms), in which (mostly male) bottoms were shown for 80 minutes, was a scandal in 1966 and was initially banned in Great Britain. In 1969 Ono married John Lennon. The couple combined their private life with performance art, and made a number of films together.

Yoko Ono
Experimental, Short Film
Focus: Freedom