desired! - film lust & queer

Dir: Daisy Asquith, GB 2017, desired! 2018

For members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex (and more) communities and for the new queer-feminist movements, film festivals have become central places. Places where, via film, visible profiles can be created that help bond the audience as one community and where the discussion and development of joint visions can be pursued.

To see and recognise oneself is the first aspect of such bonding. A second, again with the assistance of film, is the social relevance of being able to relate the narrative of one's own (because different) desires and, in so doing, strengthen one's position. And repeatedly taking a new and closer look at things, that is a third aspect.

Only a few ideas about bodies and their desires, about identity, family, living together and relationships are ever seen on audio/visual channels. Which is why film festivals can offer a welcome change of perspective.

Take in other viewpoints, assert one's own truths, and watch stories about lesbian, queer and other kinds of passion.
That is what the desired! section offers a forum.