Drifter, The (Eine flexible Frau)

Germany 2010, Feature film, 97' | Director, Screenplay Tatjana Turanskyj | DoP Jenny Barth | Editor Ricarda Zinke | Sound Matthias Gauerke, Jochen Jezussek | Music Niels Lorenz | Cast Mira Partecke, Katharina Bellena, Laura Tonke, Sven Seeger, Torsten Haase, Fabio Pink, Michaela Benn, Ilya Papatheodorou, Thorsten Heidel, Andina Weiler | Production Turanskyj & Ahlrichs Filmproduktion

Greta is 40, an architect, mother of a twelve-year-old son, separated from her husband and recently made unemployed. She starts work in a call centre but soon gets the sack again. She does everything in her power to keep hanging on. But she starts drinking and drifts through the city, torn between the pressure to confirm and a spirit of defiance.

A Woman under the Influence in Berlin at the beginning of the 21st century. The so-called New Berlin. Flexible, globalised capitalism. Post-feminism. And all the vocabulary that goes with it - fragments of theory, empty phrases, buzz words, quotes. A woman with a vision of urban space, of herself, of her profession and of a life with her child. Or put another way: Greta at parties, at the call centre, at sessions with a job application coach, with her son, with her ex-colleagues, at the job centre, at bars, walking through the city. Fierce, hysterical, stubborn, almost in a trance, fractious, uninhibited, effusive, desperately unhappy. Situations, encounters, performances. More of a trip than a narrative.

Snap-shots of a contemporary woman's fragile life (at work). A flexible woman, an All-Around Reduced Personality.

The Drifter draws a precise picture of the times and society but forsakes the conventions of social realism. Indeed, there are actual anti-illusionist performances. And the characters' speech and diction is often emphatically inauthentic: empty phrases and quotations whose quotation marks are spoken along, as it were.

"The initial inspiration for my film was Richard Sennett's book The Corrosion of Character. Sennett describes the harsh demands for change that post-modern capitalism places on the individual. I wanted to tie this basic fact of current societal developments into the special situation of women and ask about the degree to which the propagated image of the modern emancipated woman is nothing more than an affirmation of the current status quo, a conservative emancipation."
Tatjana Turanskyj


Tatjana Turanskyj
, born in Hanover 1966, studied literature, drama and sociology in Frankfurt am Main. Before and during her studies, she acted in productions by Einar Schleef at the Schauspiel Frankfurt and at the Schillertheater Berlin. Tatjana Turanskyj has worked in the field of video, film and performance since 1998. The Drifter is her first feature film.

Tatjana Turanskyj
Feature Film
Debut Feature Film Competition