South Africa 2006, 5' | Director, Realization Robert Hamblin

"I was living in a flat with a lot of mirrors and there was this guy in the mirror who wouldn't let me go.?
Robert Hamblin

Robert Hamblin is a transman. He used to be a woman (and a lesbian) and is now a man - has always, as far as he is concerned, been a man. And he has always been an artist.

In this gentle exploration into the emotional and physical garb used to cloak true identity, Hamblin uses his gay father's life experiences as a precursor for his own transgender passage into manhood.


In his photography and art the South African Robert Hamblin creates narratives of the human state and explores gender issues. He began as the only woman in a daily Johannesburg newspaper photographic team, and went freelance at 21. A successful career as a conceptual artist and commercial photographer followed. In 2004 he received the Houston Center for Photography Fellowship Award.

Robert Hamblin
South Africa
Experimental, Short Film
desired! film lust & queer