Falling for Caroline

Canada 2009, 20' | Director, Screenplay, Production Christine Chew | DoP Bob Gundu | Editor Christine Chew, Bob Gundu | Sound Connie Hilton | Music Colleen Costello, Ellen Carol | Cast Yanna Baizer, Denise Mader, Shannon Currie, Claire Duncan

A romantic feel-good slapstick comedy, told in 20 minutes: in the video store, film fan Darcy meets the woman of her dreams, and that's where the difficulties start. Darcy is a hopeless romantic, she is clumsy and extremely accident-prone, especially in the presence of Caroline. To gain Caroline's affection, Darcy not only needs to get over her own insecurity, but also overcome certain clothing problems. This will all work out with the help of her best friend.


Christine Chew graduated in Film and Television Production from Curtin University in Australia, but she worked for many years as a photojournalist, above all in the field of sport. With Falling for Caroline she returned to filmmaking. On YouTube, she recently posted her short films Olga's Story, Blindfold Dating and The Deconstruction of Alison Pill, which she made with Yanna Baizer under the label Girl Talks Productions.

Christine Chew
Short Film
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